Computer Firewall Guide

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What is the computer firewall actually doing?
The primary task is to protect you from people that want your private information. There are many people out there who want to get into your computer and steal anything that might be able to be worth. Today a firewall is a cheap and worth thing investing to.

How does a firewall work?
Your firewall is like a stealth plane. It makes you impossible to discover on radar. It protects you from being attacked while you surf around the net. A person who searches for computers to break into can’t see you and doesn’t know that you exist. Without a firewall you have no stealth and then you became an easy target.

How do I know that I am secure with a firewall?
Well think about this. You have a house but no door. You are worried that if you leave your house someone is going to steal your stuff. Then you buy a door. You know that a good thief can break this door but then you also know that he will probably stay away because it’s too much trouble to break it. Imagine your firewall like a door. it’s not perfect but hey its better then nothing.

I want to be 100% secure, how do I do that?
Remember, it’s impossible. It have to be possible is your first reaction? Well, you have to be careful when you are surfing on the internet. If you are being attacked by someone your firewall is going to discover and prevent that. But if you leave your credit card to people online that you don’t know. Well then my friend no protection in the world can help you.

Computer Firewall Guide

There are two kinds of firewall. I will explain to you below what the difference is between them and how they work.

Personal Software Firewall
This kind of firewall is installed on your computer and differs from a conventional computer firewalls in that there is no hardware separation between your computer and the user’s application software. The software firewall will not usually protect any more than the computer it is installed on unless other computers are sharing Internet connectivity via your computer.

Hardware Firewall
Difference between a hardware and software firewall is that hardware firewalls are able to control more then one computer. It’s very useful if you are sharing your Internet connection with other. The hardware computer firewall is protecting both you and the other computers connected to it.

Problems you can get while using the computer firewalls

I have been telling you plenty of positive things with a firewall but there is some small part that can cause you some trouble that you might need to know. Some computer firewalls need a little bit of configuration to work properly. You might think “Oh Nooo” I don’t know how to do such things. But hey! There is nothing to be afraid of cause that’s pretty easy to do with the help from firewall.

Now to the common problems you can meet.

- It’s possible that your will get trouble sending files to people. The firewall might think that is a threat and consider that like a virus trying to send your information out to someone.

- The firewall can block some programs added to the blacklist by the company which created the firewall. This can result that firewall prevent you to start some of them. What you need to do is to find that blacklist in settings and change it to the way you like.

- It might also start to question anything you do on the computer. Here is an example. Let’s imagine that you are trying to visit Google. It might ask you if Google is a trustable page and if you should consider adding it to the black list. This can be very irritating because I had several opportunities to experience this.

- It is possible that your internet connection stop to work. As I say before the firewall maybe starts to block everything that moves. It will only need little adjustment to work properly. Use setting for this.

- Remember also that firewall is a tool. You have to use it properly to get the best out of it. It is not a human being with a brain therefore you have to tell it what is right or wrong.