Computer Viruses Information For Kids

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Computer viruses information for kids – What is a Virus?
Computer Viruses are invisible like ghosts but they can be busted with right tools. The filename on a virus may seem friendly but if you look near you will see its not. The virus might appear like Hello My Friend but when you click on the file it will pop up like Angry Virus. When a virus jumps into your computer it can easily multiply and spread to other computers. You can get virus into your computer while downloading a file. If you already have an anti-virus program don’t download a new update your old instead it’s much better.

To reveal the virus ghost always run a virus scan on a file you recently downloaded. Do this even if the file comes from a friend. Remember that virus bee can disguise it self.

Computer viruses information for kids – What Is Spam?
Spam is another name for junk email.It’s difficult to figure out sometimes if a mail is spam or not. Spam emails usually have an attracting subject like
I Love You So Much
or Please Help Me. The subject is created only to attract you to open the email.

How did a junk mail sender get my address?
They can use a program to generate all kind of possible e-mail address. Many websites out there simply sell your e-mail address to spammers. You cannot be sure whether a websites is going to sell your email address or not.

Usually serious webpage’s have a little box that you can check if you do not want other companies to share your email. If there is no such option this webpage is not serious. But you could create an email account which you can use only for this kind of unserious webpage’s. Therefore you don’t have to worry about getting big amount of junk mail.

Computer Viruses Information For Kids

Computer viruses information for kids – What is an Antivirus?
Anti-virus programs are great because they spend all their time to hunt down virus in your computer. When a virus is revealed it will be transferred to a virus jail. Then antivirus will ask you what to do with it. It’s best to erase the virus because if it gets out again it will take long time to catch it.

Computer viruses information for kids – What is a Firewall?
The firewall is not a burning wall. It’s a program that prevents other people to sneak in and browse through your files. It is also a good protection from the viruses.You can tell your firewall which programs are good and which are bad. But firewalls recognize all dangerous programs so you don’t have to worry that they will let some stranger or a bad program sneak into your computer.

What is an Internet Cookie
Many web sites collect information about you. All this information is stored in a file named cookie. When you visit the webpage again it will remember your login name or some other information stored in the cookie file. Cookie files are not dangerous so you don’t have to worry about them.