Concrete cost estimating

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I always stress planing, planing, planing. Concrete cost calculations can help give you an idea of what sort of dollars you can expect. Naturally concrete prices are going to vary throughout the country, however have a general idea of the concrete cost can be better than going into the project blind.

What costs should you anticipate?

There are obvious steps from start to finish when it comes to concrete.

Step 1. Demolition. You can either hire a Professional or you could DIY. If it is small, less than 200 square feet you could probably manage it easily by yourself. However I would recommend some help with anything larger up to 800 square feet. You will need to rent a jackhammer and a container (Only 10 yard Low boy containers will work) Figure 1 10 yard container per 400square feet of surface.

Concrete cost estimating

Step 2. Rough Grading the dirt area. Here you will need to set the forms and then level the area to around 1-2″ below the bottom of the forms. I call it rough grading, cause the final grading is where you install base or gravel to fine tune the grading process.

Step 3. Fine Grading the dirt area. Here you will need to set add the base (either gravel, or crushed rock) below the bottom of the forms. This will create a box like cavity ranging anywhere from 3 1/2″ to 4″ thick.

Step 4. Reinforcement for your job usually means the use of Steel (Re-bar) ranging in size from #3 (3/8ths) to #5 (5/8ths), # 3 wouldusually be the preferred size for typical residential work. Other options include steel mesh, or artificial fibers mixed within the concrete.

Step 5. The concrete itself. Obviously this is going to be the bulk of the costs. You can figure for every truck load you could pay anywhere from $70 – $100 per yard. A few key things to remember here, for any amount less than 10 yards expect to pay a surcharge due to the lesser quantity. Another good tip is order at least 1 yard extra due to the irregular depths of the forms. Some areas are going to be naturally thicker that others. DON’T UNDER ESTIMATE THE CONCRETE.