Concrete Surface Preparation

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My number one diy tips is always prep, prep, prep. Surface preparation is the most crucial part of concrete or for that matter any construction. There are two methods of preparation:

One is Mechanical and the other is Chemical.

Mechanical is a method that requires equipment. There are many different machines available depending on what product you are dealing with. There are Grinders, Scarifiers, Shot blast machines etc. Below is a description on the types of equipment and how they are used. Almost all of these machines are typically available at Home Depot or various other [equipment yards.]

Concrete Surface Preparation

[Photo] Grinding: Grinders typically come in 4″ or 10″ diameters. They are the cheapest and easiest to find, any rental yard orhome depot would have these. As with any of this equipment always use the required safety equipment. Pay attention to dustless grinders, as these are designed to provide grinding in a dustless environment.

Stripping Blades: These are either poles with flat edge blades that are good for removing vinyl tile. There are electric ones that are available and these obviously make the job a lot easier.

Scarifiers: these are machines with sharp spinning discs that spin very fast chipping away at the surface. The scarifiersare mainly used on toppings and overlays.