Correct Flute Breath Control

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The fact that you are reading this means that you are breathing okay! But if you include a few minutes of breathing exercises every day, it will help you with both tone and better breath control.

Why flute breath control is that important? Before I learn the correct breath control, I can’t even blow a long note even for semibreve. But I learn the technique of correct breath control quite fast.

This is the way: Looking in a mirror, take a really deep breath and as you breathe in, look at your shoulders. They shouldn’t move up, but your dummy. Think more about filling up your belly rather than your chest. If you can breath in without raising your shoulders, that means you breath in the correct way. Some people can do this easily…like me! I got friend had difficulties to do that. Just relax, and then do it again. You can do it. We all did it when we were in our mom’s bodies. Just take your time!

Practice this flute breath control exercise every day. If you have a metronome, you may set it to 60 per minute and breathe in every 4 ticks; hold your breath for 4 ticks, then breath out for 4 ticks.

Breathe in using your mouth and nose at the same time for more air. Watch your shoulders.

1, Breathe IN (Nose) – 1, 2, 3, 4
2, HOLD it – 1, 2, 3, 4
3, Breathe OUT (Mouth) – 1, 2, 3, 4

Correct Flute Breath Control

You may practice with your flute. How to play? It’s easy. Just choose one note and do the same way. Concern on your pitch and try to blow at the same loudness as you hold. It helps to form your flute embouchure, tone and your breath control.

When you are good at this, you may increase the time you breathe in, hold and breathe out like 6 ticks, then 8 ticks.

You can do this exercise anytime when you are free, washing dishes, waiting for bus, in the car and anywhere. Just count the time in your mind. Correct breathing is good for your health too and it can freshen your mind. Try it, then you will know.

You may just practice with your head joint.

To co-ordinate these breath control exercise with other playing exercises, remember to take really deep breaths before you start to play. This will improve your breath control and your flute tone at the same time.

How to play better? Take every exercise as your performance and put effort on it even just scales. It helps you to express your feeling every time you play your flute even just practice. It’s a tip for me to learn to express myself more and more and reduce my stage fright problems on the stage. When you are scared, you couldn’t breath better and it affects your performance. So, practice it by now.