Could You Be Attracting Predatory Men?

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Predatory men aren’t necessarily on your mind right now, but anytime you are dating, that means that you are opening up your life to another person, being vulnerable to someone you may not really know at all. And the saying “love is blind” is never more true than when you end up dating a predatory man.

You may think that this may never happen to you, but I guarantee you it can. Lots of women have had at least one scary experience while dating, when a boyfriend has done something wrong or just creepy. Ask yourself this: have any of your boyfriends ever tried to change something about you?

The way you dress, wear your hair or your makeup, or even the people you spend time with? Have any of your boyfriends ever called you at odd hours, appeared suddenly in unexpected places, or tried to “catch” you doing something you shouldn’t? Have you caught him in a lie, or even discovered he was seeing someone else while asking you to be in an exclusive relationship with him?

These examples may not mean he’s a predatory man, but they do make him close enough to be dangerous to YOUR health. If you are dating or have dated someone in the past who has posed a threat to your well-being, whether emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, sexual, or financial, you have dated a “Dangerous Man.” And what’s more, you are at risk for dating more and more serious versions of the “Dangerous Man” as you go along.

Could You Be Attracting Predatory Men?

The more you put up with their behavior, the more normal it seems to you and the more you will endure while waiting for it to change. In fact, you will become attracted to only this sort of man if you don’t make an effort to change the subconscious signals you are sending out.