Counting Calories and Meal Planning

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This page explains, in relation to counting calories and getting your diet right, how the use of meal plans and meal planning software will make it much easier to reach your goals in weight loss, maintenance, or gain.

Ever heard the saying, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail?’ This holds particularly true a good solid meal plan when controlling your calorie intake. You see, as a Personal Trainer I see people trying to cut out certain foods out they thing is bad, and stick by general rules such as eating less food more often throughout the day, cut out this, add that etc etc. Now this is fine, and by doing these things you take steps towards creating a new you, however the problem with this approach is it’s randomness.

Get specific with calorie intake

Having the right tools for the right job makes things much faster and more efficient. Meal planning software eliminates the need for you to do all your own calculations for basal metabolic rate, meal calorie planning and macronutrient ratios. There’s no need to devise your own complex spreadsheets and graphs as it is all done for you. Better still, counting calories isn’t a daily chore as it is all accounted for in your planning. So you set and forget, just follow the plan!

Control and Consistency

By having a meal plan, you know exactly what you are eating for each particular day, and this adds the element of >i>control. When you plan a meal(s) and you stick by it (maintaining consistency), you can assess the results you get from it. If you aren’t achieving the desired results, you can make changes to your plan, and reassess at a later date. So you are honing in until you get the desired results.

Counting Calories and Meal Planning
Counting Calories and Meal Planning

Eliminate ‘Randomness’ and become Prepared

Ever been caught at work not knowing what to have for lunch, or what to snack on for afternoon tea? By having a set plan, you know at the start of each day what you will be having. You won’t be caught stopping by the drive through on the way home from work starving for food! This random eating is eliminated because you have a plan and know what to pack at the beginning of each new day for snacks and lunch. Your new found assertiveness makes it a whole lot easier not to succumb to the temptation of random unhealthy snacks.