How to decorate your home Victorian style

Victorian decorating is a very popular theme style. The delicacy and beauty of that era is not to be matched.

When I think of Victorian designs, I’m reminded of turn-of-the-century homes built narrow and tall with Mansard roofing and circular rooms.

Ornate siding with contrasting trim, enclosed porches and numerous fireplaces are trademark features of exterior Victorian decor.

Victorian interiors are breathtakingly beautiful. To get the full picture, just think of pearls, lace, tassels and roses. Rooms are frequently decorated with Queen Anne furnishings of rich, cherry wood.

Walls are papered in delicate rose patterns and stripes or accented with rich, ornate wood paneling.

Color schemes are usually light, muted white, buttery yellow, peach, violet and pale blue. But although pastels are extremely common, look for rich gold and cranberry, as well.

Wood floors are always of darker wood tones decorated with area rugs. Windows are quite tall, matching with the three story designs. Adorn these windows with beautiful lace curtains of white, cream or ecru.

How to decorate your home Victorian style

Victorian decor includes accents such as delicate ceramic vases full of roses, tasseled pillows, lace doilies, oval pictures, standing washbasins, vintage clocks and candles galore.

Victorian kitchens are accented with large, deep sinks, painted cabinetry with glass inserts, potracks and a stand alone preparation island for added interest.

An old-fashioned butler’s pantry is a must. The most common features of a Victorian bathroom are slipper tubs and pedestal sinks.

One of the nicest things about Victorian decorating style is that you can probably find many beautiful accessories to accent your home at any local antique store.