Create Your Own Specialized Retreat With These Top Spiritual Films

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A great activity for individuals and small groups looking for creative projects is to create a spiritual film retreat. What can make this a spiritual retreat is to select spiritually themed films that helps us ask and discuss the big questions about life. You know things like, what’s the meaning of life, who are we and what are we doing here? Is there really anything “out there” or are we on our own?

Sometimes it’s hard to start discussions about religion per se, but by watching a spiritually themed film, people are often willing to open up and share what they really think.

I recommend creating your own small group spiritual film retreat some weekend. (This can be a great indoor event on stormy or wintry nights.) Here’s how, just gather together neighbors, family and friends, show a poignant film, and then immediately after ask everyone to jot down 1or2 thoughts on what stood out the most for them. What big questions might have been raised for them? Then just share your responses. It’s always really interesting to see and hear the various ways that people interpret the same film, even watching it in the same forum!

On your own? I love to escape into my own personal film retreat when I really can’t get away from it all. Watching one of these spiritually themed movies causes me to pause and think about those big questions. I let go of the other day to day worries and think big thoughts. Isn’t that what a retreat is all about?

I’ll share with you some of the films I think are good for spiritual retreats. I’m also curious to know your favorites so send me a message with your favorite spiritually themed films. And here’s a great way to find these

Specific Themed Films

Question: Are we really here? Is this all a dream? Film: The Matrix

Create Your Own Specialized Retreat With These Top Spiritual Films

Question: What happens when we die? Film: What dreams May Come

Question: What does it mean to be a spiritual being? Films: Whale Rider, Phenomenon

Question: Can I really control my destiny through the power of the mind? Films: What the Bleep do we Know? The Secret

Question: What is the nature of reality? Film: Star Wars

Question: is there A Messiah? Films: Star Wars, The Matrix