Creating Happiness is a Matter of Focus… And the “CLA Happiness Formula”!

Creating happiness in your life all depends on where you place your focus. And because you can always choose what you focus on, you can literally choose happiness.

Much information on finding happiness on the Web seems to miss this point, but it really is as simple as that. However, it’s important to learn the correct Happiness Formula.

Haven’t heard much about “happiness equations” or “happiness formulas” yet? Let’s look into them here.

Happiness Equations…? Happiness Formulas…??

There are many so-called “ways to happiness”. Psychologists and others have already developed numerous “happiness equations” and “happiness formulas”, all based on the idea of creating happiness.

The researchers studied and interviewed hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of people, and asked them specific questions about what makes them happy. They then compiled the answers, analyzed them and used them to develop their equations and formulas. (I won’t go into the details here because it would take us a bit too far off topic. Search the terms “happiness equation” or “happiness formula” on the Internet and you’ll find numerous articles and links.)

So yes, these equations and formulas already exist. Distilled down to their basic elements, they all look something like this:

“Things that make us happy (happiness elements)” = Happiness

At first glance, this happiness formula seems to make reasonably good sense. The “happiness elements” were all things that test subjects said they needed in order to be happy. All previous happiness equations and happiness formulas are the result of scientific studies done by reputable psychologists. They all appear to have “creating happiness” as their focus. Money and happiness, health and happiness, wellness and happiness, love and happiness, you name it.


Creating Happiness is a Matter of Focus... And the CLA Happiness Formula!

Are they missing something?

In my opinion, most of the existing formulas miss a key point: they all assume that our happiness depends on factors outside ourselves. They focus on what “makes” us happy, rather than the idea that happiness comes from within. In other words, we choose happiness. It’s something we create from within, not something that’s given to us.

Even equations and formulas that place “Happiness” at the front of the equation (Happiness = “Things that make us happy”) still depend on external things to “make” us happy.

That’s understandable, because a large percentage of the world’s population views things in this way. Our belief is that creating happiness is much harder without things to create it with. In other words, if we find something to “make” us happy, we will be happy. If we don’t, we won’t.

I would like to propose a different approach:

Turn the happiness formula around.

In other words, be happy first. Make happiness your first and highest priority; don’t depend on anything to “make” you happy. Philosophical and spiritual teachers have advocated the “happiness first” model for thousands of years. But for one reason or another, many of us have remained attached to the idea that things outside ourselves create our experience… so we have not considered the “happiness first” model. Not seriously, anyway.

I encourage you to do so! The “secret” to creating happiness (which isn’t really a secret at all) is to simply be happy, right here, right now… regardless of your external circumstances. In fact, creating true happiness – and manifesting everything you truly want – is 100% dependent on this! I say this not just from belief, but from personal experience.

You can always choose where you place your focus – so choose wisely!

Choose to focus on being happy in the present moment. Choose happiness. Never mind if you perceive your surroundings to be unpleasant, or lacking in something. If you perceive them in that way, that’s exactly what you will experience. Perception is creation. But you always have a choice!

Instead, choose to see yourself as having everything you want and need, right now – even if you don’t yet. Be grateful for what you have right now; let go of anything you find annoying, depressing, painful or negative; visualize yourself as having what you want – and be happy and grateful for it. Use your imagination – you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can change your feelings, simply by changing your focus.

You can create and experience anything you want.

Yes, learning to focus takes practice, but I assure you it’s worth it. If you focus on creating happiness first, and maintain that focus consistently, you will find that amazing things start to happen in your life.

First, you will find that creating happiness becomes easier and easier. You will find yourself becoming happier – and more grateful – all the time. Eventually it will become second nature as you open up to your natural state of being.

You will find that your energy, inspiration and motivation skyrocket. You will find yourself becoming more and more sure of “what to do next” in every situation. Negative things may still happen, but you will approach them with a positive mindset and create solutions much more effectively as a result.

Resources, guidance, mentors, helpers and more will show up to help you. And you will start to see what you want arriving in your life – almost automatically! In other words, you will be Creating Life Abundance for yourself and others too!

And it all starts with creating happiness in the present moment, simply by choosing to focus on happiness right now. The secret to creating happiness is to be happy now.

The CLA Happiness Formula

I would like to propose the “CLA (Creating Life Abundance) Happiness Formula“:

Being Happy Now = Life Abundance Forever.

That’s it! In other words, Creating Life Abundance begins with creating happiness – you don’t get happiness from it. As you create more abundance in your life, you will certainly find more and more things to be happy about… but you will not depend on them for happiness. (This is a key factor in Detaching, or Letting Go – a concept that we discuss in another section of this website.)

Being happy now opens up all the doors; it exponentially multiplies your power to Create Life Abundance.

As you create more abundance, you will enhance your happiness… which empowers you to create more abundance. The CLA Happiness Formula becomes the “CLA Happiness Cycle“, which looks like this:

Being Happy Now = Life Abundance = More Happiness = More Life Abundance = More Happiness = More Life Abundance = More Happiness…

…and on and on in a continuous cycle. But this cycle always begins with being happy now, every time.

So be happy now!

Just “being happy” sounds very simple, and it is. But it might not be that easy at first. If you’ve been living with different habits for most of your life, creating happiness can take some work. Yes, work. Often, we are so stuck in our “old” ways of thinking it can be very tough to break the habits. We can become so conditioned to be miserable that it feels almost impossible to break out of. And of course, we are very often conditioned to need things to “make” us happy.

Kind of funny when you consider that our natural state of being is happiness, plain and simple. In fact, the term “creating happiness” doesn’t really make sense from a universal perspective. I just use it here because more of us can relate to it. Perhaps a better term would be “allowing happiness”, or even “remembering happiness”. But that’s not important at this point.

Take that first step… and practice!

What is important is that you start creating happiness. To do this, just practice it. Practice being happy – and being grateful - for no particular reason. It’s a great way to get started. As the saying goes, “Fake it till you make it.” If you can think of things to be happy and grateful for, do so. It’s important to clarify: you can be happy and grateful for something without needing it to “make” you happy.

Just be happy, even if it’s for just a few minutes at a time. Doing it consistently is the key. Notice your feelings, and be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip back into negative emotions. Give yourself a pat on the back for being happy for as long as you did, and go for it again.

You can always find a reason to be happy.

Can’t find anything to be happy or grateful for? How about the fact you’re alive, able to read and comprehend these words, and having the desire to improve your life. You must be, or you wouldn’t even be reading these words! So you have three things to be happy and grateful for right there.

Once you begin, keep it up. Keep on creating happiness and gratitude. Think of all the things you’re grateful for. Trust me – you can always find something! Turn it into a game. The more you practice, the more you will find to be happy and grateful for. And the deeper and more heartfelt your happiness and gratitude will become.

What about the “bad stuff?”

Some might argue, “how can I be happy with all the war, crime, poverty and other terrible things in the world?” Or even, “how can I be happy with all the bad things that have happened, or are happening, to me?”

I would reply, let go of the illusion that outside events control your thoughts and emotions. You may have seen or endured terrible things in the past, and if you have then I sympathize completely. But the past no longer exists, and continuing to live there does no good for anyone – especially you. And you can change your behavior in the present at any time. (If you need help in coming to terms with a traumatic or abusive past, or if you’re dealing with serious problems in the present, I highly recommend you seek the help of a licensed professional. There are many great resources out there – take advantage of them.)

Regardless of the past or present, the bottom line is that you can always choose how you think and feel. Happiness is a choice, and creating happiness simply means choosing to be happy.

However, what you focus on – and how you focus on it – determines your ability to create happiness effectively.

For example, if you watch, listen to or read the news regularly, you’ll notice that it tends to focus almost exclusively on negative events. Much of it is sensationalist, even if it claims to be “objective”. Call-in talk shows often descend into arguments or complaining sessions; nothing actually gets resolved.

So much of it is negative, and if you get drawn into it you’ll probably develop a very negative, cynical and fearful view of life. “Isn’t it terrible?” “How could they do that?” “Did you hear about…?” “It makes me so angry!” “How stupid can you get?” “What is the world coming too?” “It’s so sad.”

Sound familiar?

Avoid negativity!

Whenever you encounter negativity, find a way to create something positive from it or remove yourself from the situation entirely. Focusing on negative things is not only bad for us, it’s toxic and it weakens us. It affects our ability to create happiness, and it has a much greater impact than many of us realize.

In short, negativity feeds on itself. The more negative things we focus on, the more negative energy we create… and it grows. We wind up perpetuating negativity instead of creating happiness.

We always, always have a choice.

Focus on “good stuff” and you’ll be a lot better equipped to deal with bad stuff! No one can force you to focus on negative things. Even if you are surrounded by negativity, you can either choose to remove yourself from the situation, or you can choose to bring positive energy to it.

This sometimes takes courage and discipline, as your mind may have been conditioned to focus and feed on negative things. Ego can play a part as well, especially if it’s trying to gain the approval of peers, co-workers or acquaintances by participating in gossip, a complaining session or some other negative activity.

Look at it logically though: would you rather continue to stay in a negative state and feed negative energy to situations? Or would you prefer to make a change and switch to a positive state, which creates positive energy and inspires it in others?

Be positive; be powerful!

If you practice creating happiness and gratitude you’ll be positive and empowered. You’ll be able to acknowledge negative events without focusing all your attention on them. Instead, you’ll be much better equipped to do something about them.

Remember this: when negative issues are resolved, happiness blossoms. Transforming negative issues is another aspect of creating happiness. And it starts with putting your focus on positive things.

Again, look at it logically: what you focus on determines how you feel and how you influence others. Would you rather feel negative, depressed, scared and weak? Or positive, happy, grateful and empowered?

Be aware of your focus; send the right message!

The universe – Infinite Energy – is constantly expanding, constantly growing; constantly creating. It cannot take away; it cannot make less of anything. Even when it appears that something is destroyed, it actually isn’t. It just changes form and becomes something else. There is no such thing as death… only transition, or transformation.

But even though it is always creating, the universe/Infinite Energy can only give you what you focus on. That’s how the Law of Attraction works. If you focus on what you don’t want, or on the fact that what you want hasn’t arrived yet, you’ll just get more of the same: having what you don’t want or not having what you want.

Basically you’re telling the universe, “I don’t want what I’ve got. More please!” Or, “What I want isn’t here yet. More please!”

But if the universe asks, “what do you want?” and you’re focused on creating happiness and gratitude, you’ll be saying, “I feel fantastic, and I’m grateful for it – more things to feel fantastic and grateful for, please!” Do you see the difference?

Focus Awareness Intuition Inspiration

The more you practice being happy and grateful, and the more you focus on the present, the more intuitive you will become. You will be more in control of your thoughts and more aware of your feelings (learning to meditate helps with this). You will find yourself being inspired more and more frequently.

Often you will find yourself inspired to research a topic, look into a new job or business venture, join a new social group, or something else. You will discover your life’s passions – what you want – and be well equipped to enjoy them and manifest what they offer!

As you continue creating happiness and gratitude, you can employ manifestation tools – visualizations, affirmations and more – to help bring what you want. If you are unsure what you want (other than happiness, of course), these tools are very helpful.

Instead of making your happiness dependent on getting what you want, you’ll already be happy and grateful. Creating happiness becomes easy. All that you want, or aspects of it, will already be in your life; you’ll discover how to manifest the rest as you go. And the more happy and grateful you are, the more quickly and easily your desires will manifest.

Choosing to focus on happiness raises your vibration and sends a very powerful and positive message to the universe. It increases your power to create life abundance exponentially! So the next time someone asks, “What do you want?” you can simply say, “Happiness… and I’ve already got it!”