Creating professional musician business cards

Musician business cards have become a norm. Networking has always been crucial to our success as musicians . Business cards are a very effective tool for getting more contacts.

You must also be able to present yourself in a professional manner. Our business cards play a huge part in the first impression we create.

Don’t get too fancy
If you make your cards too difficult to read, you will not get the desired effect. Your card is not the best place to show your creativity.

Simple and clear design always wins. You can add a logo, but too many graphic elements will reduce the seriousness of your card.

Size matters
Don’t go for the smaller sizes, just because they are cheaper. People will subconsciously judge you (and your business) by the quality of your card.

It may seem weird but when you present thicker and bigger cards you make yourself seem more important.

Get a nice business card holder
They are not very expensive but they make a huge difference. Whenever I meet a new contact I love to see the expression on their face when I take mine out.(It’s really cool, I got it from my girlfriend’s mother).

Creating professional musician business cards

Don’t keep your musician business cards in your pocket! You command a lot more respect, when you have a nice card holder.

And while you’re at it, get yourself a nice pen as well.

Use double sided cards
All right, so now you can get a bit fancy. To make the best of the back side of your card, include a statement that advertises you.

If you have competitive session rates or impressive achievements, this is the place to let the world know about them.

Place all your contact information on your card
It surprising to see that some artists only have their email address and a link to their iTunes store on the card.

Make sure you also have your phone number, website and possibly snail mail address as well. Don’t forget your name ; )

You should also state clearly what you do. So if you are a drummer, write it. If you sing write that you are a vocalist.

And delete that iTunes link. Place it at the back, if you must.

Find a good printer
The good ones will usually be more than happy to send you samples. Always go for quality. Cheap looking cards will not do you musch good.