Creative Ideas for Decorating with Mirrors

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You can achieve a lot of things by decorating with mirrors. Because just like color is the easiest and most powerful tool to evoke certain atmosphere, mirror is the most powerful tool to optically expand the space.

It is also the easiest way to bring more daylight into your room, emphasize the focal point or piece of art or create visual symmetrical balance in space that had everything but balance.

Mirrors are magical tools. They make us believe that there is a magical world behind them. That world can be beautiful, but it can be awful. Everything depends on how and where you place the mirrors. This page will be your inspiration for creating beautiful and spacious rooms by decorating with mirrors, because mirrors really can optically remove any kind of a barrier.

When you want to decorate with mirrors, you have many, many possibilities. You can use frameless mirrors, which come in large sheets or small tiles. You can use all kinds of decorative mirrors or put mirrors in all kinds of amazing decorative frames. However, it is about what the mirror reflects that makes it magical.

Decorating with Mirrors Tip 1

If you have small windows, you can place the mirrors on both sides of window to optically enlarge the window. If you have two or three small windows next to each other, put frameless mirrors in between them to create the illusion of one big window. This will also create the illusion of more space in the room. You can also place cabinets with mirrored doors beneath the window for the same effect.

Creative Ideas for Decorating with Mirrors

Decorating with Mirrors Tip 2

To optically expand the space, place mirrors on the neighbouring wall to the wall with windows. The mirror will reflect the window optically creating more space but also bringing more daylight into the room. You can also experiment when you are decorating with mirrors. For example, place mirrors on neighbouring walls in the corner to reflect each other and what is in the room.


Decorating with Mirrors Tip 3

Place mirrors on the wall opposite to the windows to bring more light in the room. Or put mirrors in the corner on neighbouring walls to each other opposite to the window. This will expand the space and bring even more light as mirrors reflect the light from the window, as well as from each other.


Decorating with Mirrors Tip 4

Is there any architectural imperfection that you would like to hide? There might be a pillar in not very convenient location that just doesn’t go with your design desires. Hide it behind the mirrors! Not only will the pillar optically disappear, it will create interesting reflections adding interest to your room.


Decorating with Mirrors Tip 5

Huge mirrors that cover the whole wall create the most dramatic illusion of expanded space. If your room is too short, you can create mirrored wall to optically expand this space. Make sure you put some pieces of furniture in front of it to prevent accidents!


Decorating with Mirrors Tip 6

For interesting focal point use mirror strips long enough to cover the wall from ceiling to the floor. Place three next to each other on the wall with the gaps wide enough to incorporate some beautiful decorative pattern of your choice. This can be fabric matching the fabric used for window treatments or unusually painted walls. Place small pieces of furniture in front of the mirrors and expose some nice piece of artistic statue. You can also use candles to draw the attention. Their lights will reflect in the mirrors and if you strategically place the candles you can create some very interesting effects.