Criteria for Candle Containers

Finding Candle containers is half the fun!

Now, we have several jar suppliers that offer reasonably priced containers for your soy candle business. As stated previously, our experience has been that uniformity has been preferred over a cute homemade look. For this purpose we will provide links in the near future to candlemaking supplies that you can purchase at wholesale.

…but looking past the obvious for really fun and unique containers is part of the addiction that candlemaking becomes.


1. a good candle container must have a wide enough mouth to light and extinguish the wick. the wider the mouth – the more fragrance throw it will have; especially when unlit.

2. Fragile pieces should be tested. Some stemware and delicate glass may crack or break when the wick clip gets hot when the wax is almost gone. These items are best if not burned completely empty. Also best if not burned more than 3 hours at one time.

3. Metal containers will also get hot – particularly if they are small.

The bottom line is use reasonable caution. If you are concerned – Protect surfaces from heat where candles are setting.

Criteria for Candle Containers

You have So Many Options!

Your options for candle containers expands when you use our low-temperature soy wax. If a container can hold liquid and be put in the dishwasher – it’s a potential container candle.

It’s always a good idea to test an unusual container yourself before gifting or selling it.

Again to clarify any confusion: the wax doesn’t get hot. It burns at around 90 degrees (bath water temperature). Smaller containers may get hot from the flame, and the metal clip that holds the wick to the bottom MAY get hot if burned near empty and could cause breakage in a fragile glass container.

Now that we’ve covered that: Have Fun! Soup toureens, vases, gravy boats, mugs, tins, candy dishes, pudding cups, sugar bowls…..get the idea? There are so many fun ideas to make candles in – I’m dedicating another whole page to pictures with YOUR submissions with a link to contact you if someone wants to purchase one.

A note about “frosting”

No-I’m not talking about the wax that looks like whipped cream! With some glass candle making containers- like a clear glass jar, the Soy wax has a tendency to “frost” which means the jar has sections or parts of it that pull away from the glass. This is normal. There are different remedies; some people say warm the jars up before pouring, others say make them cold and pour in a colder environment. It may be caused by the difference in room and jar temperature. It really doesn’t bother me – it’s hand-poured soy! Note: I’ve had jars that didn’t frost when made, but after being exposed to the fluctuations in temperature putting them in & out of my car frosted. Like I said- not a big deal- it doesn’t effect how the candle burns.