Crystal Clear Dream Magic

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This particular method of dream magic employs the use of a stone, preferably clear quartz crystal. These stones are inexpensive and can be found in health food stores, metaphysical shops, gift shops and so on. If you can’t find one then simply use a similar stone that is appealing to you.

This is a routine asking for clarity in dream messages that you can apply to your waking life. It only takes a few minutes:

    • Sit on the edge of your bed before retiring, holding the crystal in your hand (either hand is fine)
    • Close your eyes and imagine holding the crystal under a gentle waterfall for a minute or two. This is to help you relax as well as mentally cleanse the crystal of negative energy.
  • Next, keeping your eyes closed, think of a question about your life that you would like an answer to. Then program the crystal with a few words to give your dream answer more clarity. You can say something like:

“Please send me a dream tonight with a clear message that I can easily understand”

Or you can make a little rhyme like a magical incantation such as:

“Crystal stone of light, give my dreams clarity this night”(That wouldn’t win any awards for rhyming, but you get the idea!)

  • Put the crystal in your pillow case, or even hold it your hand while you sleep.

That’s it! Expect an answer and if you don’t happen to remember any dream, then be on the lookout for the next few days for any insights related to your question.
At this point you may be thinking this dream magic stuff is rather silly and that the crystal has no power…and you’re right.

The stone doesn’t have any real power, but it serves as a point for your concentrated focus and that focus is the important part. Your focus is the magic that will get through to your subconscious.
Crystal Clear Dream Magic
It’s simply easier for most of us to focus on an object rather than a thought. Make sense? Now you’ll just have to try dream magic out for yourself!

It is important though for whatever object you are using to be appealing to you and matches your intention. This will make a difference in your own belief in what you are doing.

For instance, if you used a common muddy-brown colored stone for this routine, is it going to bring images and feelings of clarity? I wouldn’t think so. However, a clear and sparkling crystal quartz certainly would.