Curtain hanging problem, they won’t hang straight

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I can’t get my long panels to hang straight. They have large hems and I included drapery weights but the sides still flair out? Any suggestions?

Curtain hanging problem, they wont hang straight

Hi Carolyn

I suspect the fabric in your curtains needs some “training”. I’m sure your thinking what the heck do I mean.

Well it simply means that some fabrics that are made into curtains don’t automatically hang well. Hence they need some “training”.

The good thing is it’s easy to do. You need to cut some strips of fabric or plastic (any old bags). You will need 3 or 4 strips for each curtain. They need to be long enough to tie round your curtain without crushing it.

Next step is to evenly pleat your curtains. Start at the edge of your curtain towards the bottom. Each pleat should be the depth of your hand (tips of fingers to close to middle of your palm). Use both hands to fold your curtain back and forth. Work across your curtain holding each pleat as you go.

When you reach the other side of your curtain you should have the leading edge and the outside edge pointing back towards the window. If not adjust the size of your pleats a little.

Hold the curtain in the pleats you have just created with one hand. Then with the other wrap the strip you made earlier round all the pleats and tie so it holds the pleats together but without crushing your curtain.

You now need to run your hands down the pleats from the tie strip to the bottom of your curtain. then tie another strip around the bottom of your curtain.

Then run your hands up the pleats right to the top of your curtains (well almost). and tie 1 or 2 more strips around your curtain.

There you have it, you are now “training your curtain. I reccomend you leave the strips on for a week. Then take them off and see how your curtain drapes. It should cure the problem of your curtain flaring out.

Best regards,