Curtain Problem For Family Room

by Pat
(Bethany Beach, DE)

I have a two story family room with windows on one wall. There are two windows together about 60×66 flanked by two windows @32×66 —underneath is a large ledge that runs the length of three walls -underneath the ledge is a slider (not sure -standard) flanked by two windows that are @32×71 –the view from the back is part of the back bay in DE.

I am not sure what to do with the windows. I may want to put a TV above the fireplace and am worried about the glare.

I would expect that I need to do all the same treatment on the top and bottom. I also want to be able to open the top so I guess I need a radio-control.

Any suggestions would be helpful?

Curtain Problem For Family Room

Hi Pat

You have 2 options as far as I can tell:

1. Fit vertical blinds with remote controls. People either love or hate vertical blinds.
The main reason I recommend this style of blind is because of your slider window. For practical reasons these work best on these windows.

The great thing is that they are not seriously expensive. You can get add on micro motors with remote controls to fit this style of blind.

Or you can buy them with motors already installed. Then have them professionally fitted.

The great thing about these blinds is that you can have them part open to give light into the room. You also get privacy and block the suns glare at the same time.

You can then draw the blinds completely off the windows to give you an uninterrupted view.

If you have what is called a multi channel remote control you can operate individual or groups of blinds.

To find your local suppliers do a search with “remote controlled blinds” (without the quotes).

2. Your second option would be to go for remote control curtain tracks. Have one track on top and one track below. Then hang 2 large pairs of curtains. This option could be good if you are looking to keep the room warm in the winter. It also gives the room a more homely look.

The only drawback is that they are not as flexible as vertical blinds. If you have them closed to block the suns glare. Then you are making your room dark even during the day.

There are a few suppliers of these kind of curtain tracks. If you do a search for “remote controlled curtain tracks”. You will get a lot of info on Silent Gliss tracks. They are certainly the best, but seriously expensive.

I would also check out the other listings and compare prices.

Good luck with this project. I am sorry I cannot point you in the direction of exact suppliers. I am based in the UK. So when I do searches the engines don’t always give me the best local results for where you live.

Best Regards