Curtain solution for triangular windows in attic shaped room

I currently have two triangular windows in an attic shaped room that are fitted with vertical blinds. They are blue in color and look outdated.

I think they were installed in the 80′s. Can I paint the blinds or what DIY drapes would you recommend?

The house is on a street so they need to be made for privacy. The current blue blinds have connectors that are weighted on the bottom I assume so they hang properly but some of the connectors/weights are missing but they still look ok. Thanks for any suggestions!!!

Curtain solution for triangular windows in attic shaped room


When it comes to triangular windows vertical blinds are the least expensive way of covering them. So I would seriously consider sticking with them.

As to painting the slats on your blinds I would say why not have a go and see what happens. You could replace just the slats for not very much.

If you decide to replace the slats. then I would use a local blind maker as it would be easier to just give them the existing slats and get them to copy the sizes.

You can get some really great fabrics these days from the standard plains to blackout for light control. Then on to some really jazzy designs.

The blind makers will give you the slats with new bottom weights with the chains connected if you ask when ordering.

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