Curtains for 2 side by side double hung windows

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by Annette
(Pittsville, WI)

In my bedroom I have 2 25″x45″ double hung windows with 5 1/2″ in between. What style curtains should I put up?

Curtains for 2 side by side double hung windows

Hi Annette

I have hung curtains on windows like this on many occasions. Mostly I treat these double windows as one wide window.

You have 2 options the first being to fit a decorative curtain rod across both windows. Have the rod 5 inches wider each side than the window trim. this is to allow the curtains to pull off the window. Then hang a pair of curtains.

A pair of curtains at 60 inches wide before you gather them would be just fine.

The second option would be to hang 2 roman shades. These would be the size of the window frames. Then when down you would still see all the wood trim around your windows.

The only drawback to the roman shades would be that they would cover more of the glass. so making the room a little darker.

Best regards