Curtains for odd window pattern

by Jenn

I have three windows, approx. 36w x 72h, set approx. 8 inches apart from each other. There isn’t much wall on the far side of the right most window. Do I curtain them separately… or should I treat it as one huge window? Any ideas would helpful. Thank you!

Curtains for odd window pattern

Hi Jenn

If you treat them as one large window. You will need to have curtains custom made to fit the width at 124 inches. So it will cost quite a lot but you may like the idea.

If you treat them separately as three pairs of curtains. Then you can use ready made curtains. A lot cheaper way to do this job. However you often don’t get the fabrics you want with ready made.

If you go with the second option of ready made. You will find they cover more of the windows even when open. So you will loose some light into the room.

If you go with a pair of custom curtains then they will still fall over the window somewhat on the side with little room. However You will still find more light coming in than the first option.

Now finally from a design point of view. I prefer the less cluttered look of having just a pair of curtains and treating these windows as one. So I hope this helps you to make up your mind which is best for you.

Best regards