Curtains for small windows

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by Melissa


I just moved into a 1959 ranch that has small windows in the master bedroom. It currently has blue blinds and very ugly square, boxlike window toppers much like what you might see in a doctor’s office.

I am redoing the whole room but am stumped on what kind/size curtains to use. These windows are on both sides of a king size bed that is about to have a large headboard so space is sort of limited.

Curtains for small windows

Hi Mellisa

It depends on how dressy you want the windows to be. Even though the window is small I would still go for long curtains to the floor. I would hang a single curtain on each window and tie it back.

As to the pelmet on top I suspect it’s not deep enough to fit a track and curtains inside. So take it down and fit a decorative rod to hang from. The cellular shades are not my favorite for a bed room.

I would go with a roman shade if you want something as well as curtains. If the long curtains would interfere with your bedside furniture then put into the tie backs and dress and leave. Then use the roman shade only for privacy.

Best regards