Curtains in a 3 sided bay

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Fitting curtains in your 3 sided bay is a pretty simple process. Just follow my guide step by step and don’t get overwhelmed. It may look complicated when you see the finished job, but each step is really simple.

Hanging Swags and tails in a bay

In this example the 3 top boards are fitted to the top of the timber window frame with simple “L” shaped shelf brackets. The swags are fixed to the top side of the boards with drawing pins pushed in with my thumb.

Cutting your top boards to size!

The next step is cutting your top boards to the right length, and the angles where they meet. Not as complicated as it sounds, trust me.

Go down to floor level, we are going to use the skirting boards as our guide. Measure the 3 sides of the skirting boards, this gives you the length of your 3 top boards.

Curtains in a 3 sided bay

Simple A4 paper template for the angles

Cut your boards to size, then take a peice of A4 paper. You are going to use this for finding the angles in the bay. Lay the paper up against the skirting board and slide into the corner of the bay. Keep pushing making the paper fold up until you have enough to fold over. You now have the long edge of the paper against the long side of your bay and the folded edge against the side of the bay.

This gives you the angles you need to cut your top boards. Lay the paper on to the ends of the boards and mark with a pencil. You should have 3 top boards the same shape as below.

An extra pair of hands is always useful.

Then onto fixing the top boards to the brackets. Start with the center board then move onto the side boards. If your lucky all your boards will fit first time. If not don’t stress just mark with a pencil and trim a little.

Again don’t get to excited if you have small gaps or imperfect joints. They will all be covered up with curtains and swags.

The final fitting step is to fit your curtain track to the under side of the top boards. Fix the brackets close to the back of the top boards. The track ends should finish about 2cm from each end.