Curved curtain rods can look really fabulous

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Curved curtain rods or poles as they are sometimes called can be a real pain. You just cannot buy them anywhere. Get this kind of rod right and it will look stunning.

The only successful way to get this job done right is to have someone make one for you. There are 3 choices:

No.1 There are a few companies that will bend an existing straight rod to fit the curve of your bay. If you are going to hang anything other than a light weight sheer curtain. Then you will need extra brackets over the 3 standard brackets (center and ends). These are special passing brackets that with special “open” rings.

Curved curtain rods can look really fabulous

These give support between you main 3 brackets allowing you to hang a heavier curtain. Usually 2 extra brackets each side will do. If you don’t use these special brackets, your curved rod will sag between your standard brackets.

No.2 There is 1 company called Silent Gliss that makes a rod called Metropole that comes as a straight rod. They can custom bend this rod to fit almost any shape you want.

The beauty of this rod is that there are no rings. You hang your curtain from gliders sat under the rod in a narrow channel like some curtain tracks. The brackets attach discreetly to the top of the rod. You can attach as many brackets as you feel you need at any point along the rod. They look especially good with discreet ceiling fix brackets.

No.3 Order a totally custom made rod. Choose the color the thickness and finial style. This sounds expensive but often is similar in price to the above 2 options. Again passing brackets will be required with open rings.