Cute Baby Shower Favor Idea Sugar ‘n Spice

Try this fantastic baby shower favor idea. Here are the instructions:

There are lots of varieties of towel candy. I’ve shown three here. As you can see, they are all made from washcloths, which can be purchased inexpensively in a large pack. You will also need safety pins.


Fold a towel into thirds (like you’re going to mail a letter). Then fold in half, and in half again as many times as is necessary, until it is between 1 to 1.5 inches wide.

Hold the towel with your forearm so you can hold it tight while rolling the towel with both hands. Roll all the way up, and secure with a pin. The end will be uneven, and you will only need one pin on the very end.

Baby Shower Favor Idea
For the lollipop, I used an 8″ cookie stick, by Wilton. You could also use a dowel or popsicle stick. The stick is held in place with a ribbon, after covering the lollipop with cellophane wrap. Make sure you tie the ribbon tightly, so that the stick doesn’t fall out. You could use raffia or curling ribbon instead.

Cute Baby Shower Favor Idea Sugar n Spice

You can arrange lollipops into a bouquet. I used a tin flower vase with some styrofoam inside. This would make a perfect centerpiece.

This is the “hard candy.” You could set it around the bouquet centerpiece. Or use a few as a table decoration in themselves.

Smarties, anyone? The beautiful thing about this craft, is you choose your own colors, so you can match your theme easy. Use pastels, or go with something like the one pictured for a Sugar ‘n Spice theme.