Dads Love Homeschooling Games

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Love Homeschooling Games? Well, we love games, right?

Whether your game is football, Uno, Yahtzee or charades you can turn playing them into a learning opportunity. Your kids want to be around you. If that’s not the case you’ll just have to remind them how cool you are.

Homeschooling games are an excellent way for dads to participate in the home school experience. The options are limitless and will not only give the home school teacher a break but will let your kids know how important they are to you.

 Most homeschooling dads are familiar with field games that include the contemporary sports. Don’t limit yourself!

Kids up into their teens can enjoy a simple game of tag and younger ones always love to be chased.

Keep it up for an hour to get some great exercise and mom can mark it down as PE.

Dads Love Homeschooling Games

If televised sports are your passion encourage your son and daughter to join you in front of the tube. Fun finger foods for snacks in place of dinner can make it a special “dad” time. Explain just one or two rules or points and then bring it up again later in the game.

Don’t make young ones sit for more than an hour. Take a break and toss the ball outside. Make your daughter the star by letting her get in some slides or tackles. A Nerf ball is fun to pass during a game as well. If it’s enjoyable they’ll come back for more.

Educational homeschooling games are a huge market. There are a few good ones but some can be real groaners.

Make sure that you aren’t purchasing something that will merely collect dust under your bed.

The homeschooling dad’s recommendation is to turn fun games into learning experiences.

Table top games take the boredom out of learning. Even though they are designed to be fun all of them at least require thought and imagination. Some incorporate math and reading. The more in-depth ones entail memorization and comprehension. Table top games have several categories:

  • Board games – Monopoly, Life, Trivial Pursuit
  • Dice games – Yahtzee, Beat That, Pass-Out
  • Card games – War, Cribbage, Rummy
  • Puzzle games – Scrabble, Jenga, Blockhead
  • Role Playing Games – Charades, Balderdash, Dragonraid

How about computer homeschooling games?

When your wife heads out to the Bible study you can either let the kids vegetate in front of “Snow Dogs” again or get their minds working with a fun computer game.

The educational games will probably hold their interest for about 7 minutes.

Fortunately there are some decent computer games that will keep your children’s noodle working while providing entertainment. Fun but thought provoking include:

  • Hidden Object – Variations of “Where’s Waldo” or I Spy.
  • Brain Teasers – Soduku, Memory, Jeopardy
  • Word – Wheel of Fortune, Password

In all seriousness, I have seen some decent educational homeschooling games on the computer and on the table.

But we dads are improvisers! Why bother with a dull game!

We can take games that are already fun and make them educational! I’m right there with you, buddy! I don’t want either of us to suffer through a boring game.

Enjoy the football game with your kids. Be a tycoon in Monopoly! Nap on the couch while your kids play Jeopardy on the computer.

But don’t forget, Sometimes homeschooling dads just have to take one for the team. Your kids may end up enjoying a game more than you. That’s okay. Because if they’re laughing, you are the STAR!