Date meeting – Safety Tips

When it comes to dating, you should think about these safety tips first before meeting a new person off the street. The world can be a crazy place at times so just use caution while dating and you will be fine.

By using some of these basic tips, you can avoid running into problems in the future.

* Build as much report with this person before you meet. Be cautious if this person is anxious to meet you right away!

* Do not give out your address. Wait until you are comfortable with this person.

* Always, always meet in a public place where others can see you. Choosing a coffee shop or a place where many people hang out is good.

* Tell a friend or family member where you are going to meet and what time.

* Always have your cell phone ready to make a quick phone call. Give your friend a code number that you can text for an emergency.

* Do not leave the public place and go somewhere private the first time out.

* Take your time and don’t rush things. If the person likes you, they should understand that taking things slow to build trust is important.

* Park in a lit up area of the parking lot if it is going to be dusk out.

* Dress professional and don’t be showing skin since that sends the wrong message

* The second date should be to meet family or friends out somewhere.

Date meeting   Safety Tips

Dating should be fun and meeting new people is exciting, but always use safety first and you will be more comfortable while dating.

You can never be too safe!

Enjoy dating and have fun.