DC snowboard boots air + heat + gel = comfort

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DC snowboard boots solve three important problems, poorly fitting boots, cold feet, and jammed toes and bruised heels. Proper fitting boots will ensure your comfort you won’t be distracted. Keeping warm feet will protect you from frostbite, and proper cushioning will keep your feet safe. DC snowboard boots achieve this using a patented air bladder, replaceable footwarmers, and gel padding.

DC snowboard boots patented Inflatable Air Bladder, permits the wearer to manually adjust the liner’s fit for added comfort and stability. DC liners are fitted for disposable air-activated footwarmers. The footwarmers warm the feet on chilly days, once opened and installed. A patented pending Silicone Gel Pad in the toe area absorbs landing impact and helps reduce stress on the foot.

DC snowboard boots lightest boot is the Rogue. It has a single external layer of material to reduce bulk and weight. Features an advanced BOA lacing system, quick and effortless lacing using either gloved or with hands. The tongue has a nylon plate that reinforces the front of the boot and provides improved edge control for turns.

DC snowboard boots air + heat + gel = comfort