Dealing With Frustration

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So how do people approach dealing with frustration?

My head hurts, my eyes are scratchy and I am fighting the urge to throw my laptop out of the window! Think I’m frustrated? You betcha…am I dealing with it? I’m not sure if cussing at my computer screen qualifies! Some days dealing with frustration is easier than others. It depends on your energy levels, mental and physical states, and how you respond in general to your surroundings.

That all sounds so complicated, and when I’m tired and frustrated, complicated is the last thing I’m looking for. So here I am, wondering if I am worthy of writing about this topic since I have not beaten the frustration beast into submission myself.

Dealing With Frustration

OK I know I could use the excuse of recovering from oral surgery and looking for a new job as added stress, making me vulnerable…sniff… but to be honest, I get frustrated even on days where the sky isn’t falling!

I was going to say I almost crumpled up this article and threw it in the waste paper basket, but since it is on my laptop that would take some serious creativity.

I just realized however, that I don’t have to be an expert on dealing with frustration to talk about it. Of course I could be considered an expert in experiencing frustration…but back to the point: the very act of sharing my experiences may help bring to light new resources and methods of dealing with frustration that I had not considered before.

Dealing With Frustration

I know, I know, “Doctor heal thyself!” you could say, considering I have plenty of experience with studying the concepts and methodologies involved in self-healing, but some days it seems a bigger task than others. I guess I should turn to my own advice and meditate on it!

To all those frustrated readers out there, you are most definitely not alone; so let’s start searching together for some answers that might suite our individual personalities. After all, that is why I started this website in the first place right?