Decorating plans will make your project run smoothly!

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No home project should start without carefully laid out decorating plans.

Without proper planning, too many things are left to chance, which can be detrimental to themed decorating.

Once you have decided upon a decorating style or theme and which elements you would like to incorporate, it’s time to pull out paper and pencil to begin laying out the specifics for floor plans, space planning and a budget…

 Plan your budget. Decide what you want to spend on each decorating element and what you are willing to spend as a grand total. Also, if major renovations are planned, you may have to budget for a professional contractor.

Decorating plans will make your project run smoothly!

Decide on a layout for furnishings. Include room measurements from wall to wall and ceiling to floor. This will be a big help when it comes to choosing furniture pieces.

Think about how the floor plan will function. Will it be comfortable…or just pretty? Will you have ample room to move around, or be dodging around clusters of furniture?

Keeping a notebook with tabs for everything related to the planning stage will help you organize your thoughts, ideas, help you plan your budget, keep track of room measurements and other vital statistics. Using a zipper pouch in front of the notebook is a good place to store purchase receipts and swatches.

Well thought out decorating plans are the key to a successful home decorating project. It will save you time and money.