What is Depression Role Model?

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Having a depression role model can help you in your battle with the illness.

This is a relatively simple and straightforward idea but it is yet another easy thing you can try which might help you. As with the other ideas on the Self Help pages, don’t knock something until you have tried it and keep an open mind to trying new things – you might just stumble upon something that helps and when you do find something that helps you – do more of it!

Many people use someone famous as a role model for depression. Many famous people battled with depression their whole lives without ever overcoming it and yet led successful and productive lives and achieved many great things. For others, depression played a part in their lives but they managed to overcome it, whilst again also achieving many things in their lives.These people can help to inspire us if we think ‘Well, if they managed to have successful lives despite depression, then so can I!’

What is Depression Role Model?

Take a look at the list of famous people with depression and I am sure you will be able to find someone there that you can look up to, identify with or even admire them or their achievements. Use this as an inspiration in your own life.
You might find having a picture of them in your purse, wallet or diary a good idea as it is a daily reminder to you, even if only on a subconscious level.

What is Depression Role Model?

You could even have their image as a wallpaper or screensaver on your pc or mobile phone to act as a constant inspiration. The list of ways to use this is endless and I’m sure you will come up with something that you can use for yourself.

Another way to use a Depression Role Model does not involve famous people at all – unless you happen to know one of course!
I would suggest that you seek out contact with other depression sufferers and those who are lucky enough to have overcome depression. You can find great strength from belonging to a group of like-minded people both online and off.

If you manage to find someone who has beaten depression and gone on to lead a ‘normal’ life then you could use that person as your Depression Role Model either with or without their knowledge. With their knowledge would probably be the most useful to you but it is also possible to get the same benefits without.

How did that person beat their depression?
What techniques did they use?
What did they try that didn’t work?
What have they gone on to do with their lives?
What major achievements have they accomplished?

Again the list of questions you could ask or find out from them and the information you could use as a result are limitless.

Perhaps your Depression Role Model could become a mentor for you and help you along the way and pass on their knowledge, tips and ideas so that you can try things for yourself.

What is Depression Role Model?

I would suggest you at least give this a try – it’s free and easy and might well give you some inspiration and ideas to overcome depression yourself.
Remember the more tools you have at your disposal, the better equipped you are to fight depression and the more things you try the closer you are to finding something that will work for you.

Give it a try and good luck!