Devil’s Azure: Card Trick Magic

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Check out this card trick magic.

A red backed deck is shown. The spectator is asked to pick any card. They sign the front of the card and but it on top of the pack. The magician riffles the pack and says the card is now in the spectators back pocket. The spectator checks and the card is not there.

The magician explains that he must have riffled too hard. He pulls out a blue backed card with the words “YOUR SIGNATURE” printed on it and tells the spectator it’s their card. The spectator says not its not. The magician flips over the blue card and shows the spectator their signature. The magician puts the card on the deck and then decides to give it to the spectator as a token. The spectator looks at the card. It is a normal red back! The spectator asks the magi about the blue backed and then the magician shows that there are no blue backed cards in the deck!

Devils Azure: Card Trick Magic

Trick Explanation:

All you need to perform this card trick magic is a double backed card to perform this stunning effect! When you get the double backed card make sure one side is blue and the other side is red. If you are using a red deck on the blue side of the card write “Your signature”. If you are using a blue deck write “Your Signature” on the red side. For teaching lets say we have a red deck so we have the double backed card with “Your Signature” on the blue side. Put this in your front pocket red side facing your body. This is so when you pull the card out all the spectators see is a blue backed card with “Your Signature” on it. Ok now you’re set to go! Take out a red deck and show the backs of the cards red. Don’t bring attention to it just show it. Then ask the spectator to pick any card. They do. Than bring out a sharpie. Ask them to sign the front of the card. Then ask them to put their card on top. Once the card is on top, riffle the pack. And explain to them that the card is now in their back pocket. They check. When they are checking it gives you all the time in the world to get a break under the top card.

They say they don’t have the card. You explain that you must have riffled too hard and that the card went to your pocket. You pull out the blue card. MAKE SURE THEY ONLY SEE THE BLUE FRONT! They laugh because they know it’s not their signature on the card. And it’s a blue back. You put the card on top of the top card. Now you’ve got two cards above the break. You see everyone laughing. You ask why this is so funny because you made their card come to your pocket. The spectator replies that is not their card. You double lift the two cards. You say yes it is and flip the card showing their signature. You then put both cards on top of the deck their signature facing up. This reverses the double backed card. Give them back at their card. They then see that it does not have a blue back and tell that to you. A weird look comes over your face. Blue back you ask. Then show the backs of all the cards (with the double backed card on top but the spectator can only see the red back) to show that there are no red cards. I love this card trick magic!

Submitted by: Stephan