Diaper rash prevention and treatment

Skin conditions, the most common being diaper rash, can be both caused by improper bathing techniques and treated by proper bathing techniques. All parents know that happy babies make happy parents and small measures can improve both of your lives. There are a variety of techniques you can help prevent and even eliminate infant skin conditions.

The most common causes are associated with the combination of moisture and skin irritation. After bath time, dry your little one’s body and head thoroughly, patting with a dry towel. Never put a diaper on a damp derriere and air is great for your baby’s new skin. So allow baby to air dry as much as possible and make sure diapers and all clothing fits comfortably, never tightly. Anything that may trap moisture, such as plastic pants over cloth diapers can breed bacteria and cause irritation. Too much moisture can also cause fungus, bacterial infection and exasperate the existing rash. Reactions to products such as lotions, soaps, shampoos and powders can also be culprits, so test and monitor your child’s reactions when using new products.

Diaper rash prevention and treatment

Treatments and prevention methods can usually effectively solve many skin conditions. If done properly, the bath itself can prevent diaper rash. When baby switches to solid foods, bowel movements change and wiping too roughly and allowing moisture to fester can be a recipe for rash. Washing away urine and bowel movements instead of wiping and using a cup or squeeze bottle of warm water in the bath is both preventative and can help effectively relieve soothe irritated skin. When drying don’t rub or scrub the skin dry, but gently pat the baby in a cool, dry place. Though the bath is a great time to soothe any existing irritation, more serious conditions require alternative treatments.

Treatments are generally simple and available over the counter Use ointments containing zinc oxide (Desitin, A & D) or petroleum jelly (Vaseline) because these products serve as a barrier between moisture and bacteria and your baby’s skin. Remember air is the best medicine for irritated skin, so allow the baby to play unclothed on a towel whenever possible and check their diaper for wetness regularly.