Digital Photography Printing – No Fuss, No Mess

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Digital Photography printing is allowing any consumer the opportunity to print their own photographs……however, what consumers were not told is – printing your own photos can be a difficult exercise, sometimes down right frustrating.

You will need to learn about color profiles for papers and printers, experiment with various papers and textures, until you learn the thrill of victory ( a good finished print ) and the occasional agony of defeat ( when you mistakenly missed a small step in the printing procedure ) and out pops a print with colors that can’t be described…..yup, I’ve been there and done that.

Speaking personally, I know exactly how you feel when you see a good finished print exiting from your printer into your little hands – it’s the same feeling I had years ago when a print appeared before my eyes after passing it through 3 solution filled trays in my wee darkroom.

Digital Photography Printing has allowed myself and many consumers instant gratification….edit the file, save it and finally print it, sort of like a drive through at Tim Horton’s.

Printing your photographs comes with it’s own built in idiosyncrasies ( I’ve always wanted to use that word )…..anyways, printing your own has it’s own drawbacks. The cost of inks ( some printers use 8 different ink cartridges ) and some papers make this process a little more costly than your local lab or photo finisher.

Digital Photography Printing    No Fuss, No Mess

Setting cost aside for the moment, printing your own images is such a thrill.

Once you have mastered proper procedure your cost per print will be more reasonable ans time effective….you will be able to print on demand…..Your Demand.