Discount Teak Furniture – the best for less

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Discount teak furniture is an interesting option to consider when shopping for outdoor furniture, but a certain degree of caution is needed.

The beauty, durability and quality of teak is known, and we needn’t go into details here. However, discounted teak furnishings for the patio, garden or terrace is perhaps something a little more rare and not so easy to come by. Yet discount teak furniture can be found, and equipping your patio, deck or lawn with prestigious pieces of furniture needn’t be a dream … not if you know what you are looking for.

Like most things in life, and discount teak furniture is not an exception, you generally only get what you pay for.

If you are looking for a recliner, or chaise lounge (and there is no better way to enjoy the beauty of your deck or patio), you should take note of the thickness of the supportive slats. These are the strips of wood that will carry your weight: are they thin and flexible, or thick and sturdy? How are they attached to the main frame of the piece of furniture?

Discount Teak Furniture   the best for less

The supportive slats of discount teak furniture are often the give-away … by reducing the amount of timber in a chair it is possible to reduce the price.

Another point of stress that needs attention are the hinges or closing systems in foldable units, such as deck chairs, recliners and some tables. High-end units often use heavy gauge bronze fittings and quality hardware able to withstand heavy usage. What kind of fixtures and hardware does the discount teak furniture that you are considering use?

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Beware: not all teak is high quality timber. Young teak – much lighter in color – or knots, are often masked by dark staining or heavy teak oil application. This is a sure sign of inferior teak wood being used rather than Grade A quality teak. Younger, lower quality wood, and knots significantly affect the stability and longevity of teak furniture.

The Sway Test

If you are shopping in a garden center or hardware store, you have the advantage of touching the table, chair, etc. that you want to buy. Hold it firmly with both hands, holding it to the floor, and try to move it sideways. Is there any play, meaning does it move? It should be firm and sturdy offering no sideway swaying movements. Any such movements will only increase in time and eventually you’ll have to replace a piece of broken furniture.

Keep your eyes on the local newspaper for end-of-season sales, closing down sales or even garage sales. All of these can be a good source of discount teak furniture and many other items, too. Online shopping also offers some very competitive prices, as the “virtual” retailers don’t need staff, prestigious locations therefore reducing overhead, moreover they are often specialised and focused which is usually a sign of quality.

On most of the pages of our website we have indicated prices that can often be found, however when talking about discount teak furniture things get a little difficult in providing “benchline” prices as a guide. Read the newspapers and surf the net, you’ll soon understand if the price is competitive.

If buying new furniture, remember what was said above: “you generally only get what you pay for” and discount teak furniture isn’t an exception.