Discover the Best Museums in Singapore

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If you are not sure what the best museums in Singapore to visit are, I’ll guide you along.

Ignore the long list of museums in the tourist brochure because it will make you difficult to make decision.

Read through my recommendation and make a quick decision to visit one or two of the best museums in Singapore listed here. You’ll have fun for sure!

Oh, by the way do you know that you may have a chance to visit museums in Singapore FOC (free of charge)? It happened few times in the past year though.

Discover the Best Museums in Singapore

Last year, my hubby and I, together with all residents & visitors had a privilege to visit some of the museums in Singapore during public holiday without paying a single cent.

But let us tell you this. Even if we have to pay the entry fee, we’ll go and visit those best museums in Singapore.

They just can’t be missed especially if you are traveling here.

We had learned about Singapore history, culture, art, and the people through those visits.