Discover The Gemstone Bracelets

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Gemstone bracelets are a wonderful accessory that will round out any woman’s jewelry wardrobe! They look especially wonderful with a coordinating ring worn on the same hand. There are several types from which you can choose. Below are some popular examples that can be found at most jewelry stores:

The Cuff Bracelet

The name pretty much says it all. The cuff style fits at the end of your wrist where the cuff of a long-sleeved shirt would normally hit. They have no clasp and are open in the back. However, most of the time the metal used to create the cuff is somewhat malleable and can be lightly pinched to create a tighter fit. The amount of metal used in cuff-styles is usually fairly substantial, making the more affordable options those made of sterling silver or base metal.

The Line or Row Bracelet

This refers to a bracelet in which the gemstones have been set in rows. There is no limit to how many rows of jewels can be set. The single line is commonly known as a tennis bracelet.

The Bangle Bracelet

Traditionally, this type has no closure and is one continuous circle of metal. However, there are some newer bangles on the market that hinge open for easier fitting. Even though it is most often found in gold or silver-only bracelets, the bangle can also be found set with jewels.

Discover The Gemstone Bracelets

The Charm Bracelet

This type can hold sterling silver or gold charms . Most often, a rolo-link or other open-link is used. A clasp is hooked to the open links and the charm is then left dangling on the wrist.

There are also many different closure mechanisms available to you. Some common ones include; lobster-claw, toggle, screw-in and insert styles. Some are more easily managed than others and you should choose whichever type you are most comfortable with. However, if your gemstone bracelets are particularly valuable, you may want to consider an insert-style clasp with double fold-over safety catches as this type is considerably more secure than the others.