DIY hooded bath towel

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The credit for this baby gift handmade towel goes to my neighbor, Samantha!

It is a hooded bath towel. Anyone can do this!

1) Buy a bath towel and a matching wash cloth.
2) Find the center of the bath towel(by folding it lengthwise)and place a pin for reference.
3) Fold the wash cloth in half to indicate the center and pin the side with the tag on it to the towel where you’ve marked it with your pin. (If your wash cloth is decorative at all, make sure the pretty trim goes on the top.)
Sew them together, with the wash cloth’s tag out, so that the tag will be on the inside with the seam. Secure the wash cloth really well on the ends.
5) Sew the “hood” by folding the wash cloth in half and sewing along the top. Be sure to sew the seam so it will be on the same side as your other seam.

DIY hooded bath towel

That’s all there is to it. There’s little enough sewing involved that you could do it by hand if you don’t have a machine