Do flowers have a language?

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Flowers–they cover every situation, don’t they?

But have you ever fallen into the trap of ringing the florist and ordering a dozen red roses for your loved one? It’s a lovely gesture (and in the language of flowers it means true love), but what you really need is a thoughtful gesture.

For that is what true romance is showing your partner how much they mean to you by investing time and effort.

So next time, instead of calling the florist for your stock standard supply, or horror-of-horrors, collecting a cellophane wrapped bunch from the supermarket, compose a symphony of blossoms to tell your partner how you really feel.

Then spend time explaining why you have chosen each bloom for their special bouquet. Next time you’re looking for that perfect romantic gift why don’t you say it with flowers. And if you don’t know the language of flowers, use this guide to help you put together a meaningful bouquet.

Do flowers have a language?

You could make a meaningful center piece for your next romantic dinner at home.

Romantic Flowers and their Meanings

  • AGAPANTHUS–Love letters, love.
  • ANTHURIUM–Lover.
  • ARBUTUS–Thee only do I love.
  • AZALEA–Love, romance.
  • BALSAM–Ardent love.
  • CALLA LILY–Magnificent beauty.
  • CAMELLIA, PINK–Longing for you.
  • CAMELLIA, RED–You’re a flame in my heart.
  • CAMELLIA, WHITE–You’re adorable.
  • CARNATION–Fascination, distinction, divine love, woman.
  • CARNATION, PINK–A woman’s love, I’ll never forget you.
  • CARNATION, RED–Alas for my poor heart, admiration, my heart aches for you,
  • CARNATION, WHITE–Innocence, faithfulness, sweet and lovely, pure love, ardent love,
  • CHRYSANTHEMUM, WHITE–Truth, loyal love.
  • DAFFODIL–Regard, rebirth, new beginnings, unrequited love, you’re the only one,
  • DAISY–Innocence, loyal love,
  • FORGET-ME-NOT–True love
  • GARDENIA–You’re lovely, secret love, joy, sweet love.
  • GINGER–Strength.
  • GLOXINA–Love at first sight.
  • HEATHER, LAVENDER–Admiration, solitude, beauty.
  • HEATHER, WHITE–Protection, wishes will come true.
  • HIBISCUS–Delicate beauty.
  • HONEYSUCKLE–Bonds of love.
  • HYACINTH, BLUE–Constancy.
  • IRIS, YELLOW–Passion.
  • IVY–Fidelity, wedded love, friendship, affection, marriage.
  • IXIA–Happiness.
  • JASMINE, WHITE or INDIAN–Amiability , I attach myself to you, sensuality, attachment.
  • JASMINE, SPANISH–Sensuality.
  • JASMINE, YELLOW–Grace, elegance.
  • LILY, ORANGE–Flame, I burn for you.
  • MAGNOLIA–Dignity, love of nature, nobility.
  • MISTLETOE–Kiss me, affection,
  • MORNING GLORY–Love you.
  • ORANGE BLOSSUM–Purity, innocence, eternal love, marriage and fruitfulness,
  • ORCHID–Rare beauty, love, refinement, beautiful lady,
  • PAPERWHITE–Aphrodisiac due to its intoxicating scent.
  • POPPY, RED–Pleasure.
  • PRIMROSE–I can’t live without you.
  • PRIMROSE, EVENING–Happy love.
  • ROSE–Love, passion, perfection. It has been a symbol of love since ancient times.
  • ROSE, BURGUNDY–Beauty within.
  • ROSE, CORAL–Desire.
  • ROSE, HIBISCUS–Delicate beauty.
  • ROSE, LAVENDER–Love at first sight, enchantment.
  • ROSE, MOSS–Confessions of love.
  • ROSE, PEACH–Desire, gratitude, appreciation.
  • ROSE, PINK–Happiness, appreciation.
  • ROSE, DARK PINK–Thankfulness.
  • ROSE, LIGHT PINK–Grace, gladness, joy, perfect happiness,
  • ROSE, RED–Love, passion, respect, courage, I love you, beauty, pure and lovely.
  • ROSE, DEEP RED–Un-selfconscious beauty.
  • ROSE, SINGLE, FULL BLOOM–I love you, I still love you,
  • ROSES, YELLOW & ORANGE TOGETHER–Passionate thoughts.
  • SMILAX–Loveliness.
  • STEPHANOTIS–Happiness in marriage,
  • STOCK–Lasting beauty, bonds of affection,
  • TULIP–Perfect lover,
  • VIOLET, BLUE–Watchfulness, faithfulness, I’ll always be true.
  • VIOLET, PURPLE–Thoughts of you,
  • ZINNIA, WHITE–Goodness.

    Wedding Anniversary
  • 1st Wedding Anniversary – Pansy
  • 2nd Wedding Anniversary – Cosmos
  • 3rd Wedding Anniversary – Fuchsia
  • 4th Wedding Anniversary – Geranium
  • 5th Wedding Anniversary – Daisy
  • 6th Wedding Anniversary – Calla Lily
  • 7th Wedding Anniversary – Jack-in-the-Pulpit
  • 8th Wedding Anniversary – Clematis
  • 9th Wedding Anniversary – Poppy
  • 10th Wedding Anniversary – Daffodil
  • 11th Wedding Anniversary – Morning Glory
  • 12th Wedding Anniversary – Peony
  • 13th Wedding Anniversary – Hollyhock
  • 14th Wedding Anniversary – Dahlia
  • 15th Wedding Anniversary – Rose
  • 20th Wedding Anniversary – Day Lily
  • 25th Wedding Anniversary – Iris
  • 28th Wedding Anniversary – Orchid
  • 30th Wedding Anniversary – Sweet Pea
  • 40th Wedding Anniversary – Nasturtium
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary – Violet

    Birthday Flowers
    Organise a personal birthday gift with bouquet of birth blooms. It’s a different idea from the language of flowers, but still thoroughly romantic.

    JANUARY–Carnation, Snowdrop

    FEBRUARY–Primrose, Violet

    MARCH– Jonquil, Violet

    APRIL–Daisy, Sweet Pea

    MAY–Hawthorn, Lily of the Valley

    JUNE–Honeysuckle, Rose

    JULY–Larkspur, Water Lily

    AUGUST–Gladiolus, Poppy

    SEPTEMBER Flower: Aster, Morning Glory

    OCTOBER–Calendula, Cosmos


    DECEMBER–Holly, Narcissus, Poinsettia