Do you have an ear shy horse?

The easiest way to touch an ear is to pretend you don’t want to. Start to rub his neck and move towards his ear, but retreat before he gets upset. Approach again, all the while being relaxed and keeping a constant rhythm to your movement. Don’t even look at the ear. Just keep doing an approach and retreat method. Pretty soon you will be able to rub around the ears and your horse will be totally relaxed. Take as long as it takes to do this, don’t rush.

This approach and retreat method will work with clippers, wormer, spray bottles or anything else your horse might be worried about.

To get along with a horse you need to think like a horse. Think about it, to a horse you are a prey animal. You need to convince him that you are his friend, leader, and part of the herd.

Do you have an ear shy horse?

Horses learn from comfort and discomfort. If he is uncomfortable he will seek comfort. I’m not talking about punishment as the discomfort, horses do not respond to that. They will not learn, but will become fearful. Punishment involves anger. Reinforcement is without emotion and is delivered, then forgotten. The reinforcement has to be instant. Once done, forget it, pretend like it never happened. It is the only way the horse will learn from it.

In horse training you need to keep your horse’s attention. Your attention must be on your horse 100% of the time. Stay relaxed and keep a rhythm to your movements. And, never lose your temper and punish the horse.