Do you know how to share folders in Windows XP?

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How to share folders in a network?

If you want a folder which can be accessed from every computer in the network you need to share that folder. For example there is a folder on computer 1 called ‘Music’ and contains all your mp3′s.
Now you want that every computer on the network can play these mp3′s without having to copy these mp3′s to their local machine but just with a simple click on the file in this shared folder.

How do you do that?
In Windows XP it is quite simple. But you can make some settings on the shared folder and that’s why below is some help about this topic.

I will explain step by step how I shared my music folder. In my case the music folder is stored on the (D) drive.

Do you know how to share folders in Windows XP?

Step 1:
First you navigate to the music folder (or the folder you want to share) and you click on it with the right mouse button.

Step 2:
Then in the menu which appears you click ‘Sharing and security’.The next screen is shown.

Step 3:

Sharing local:

Local sharing means that you can share folders and files just locally on the computer but not over the network. For example my music folder. I want to share this music folder to the other users on my computer so they can log in using their own account and can play the music from my account.

Sharing on the network:Do you know how to share folders in Windows XP?
If you want to share the music folder on the network you check the check box ‘Share this folder on the network’ in the ‘Network sharing and security’ area.
Here you can give the folder a name (the original name is given as default).
If only this check box is selected, everyone on the network has read access and can read and copy the files.If the check box ‘Allow network users to change my files’ is checked, everyone on the network can read, copy, delete or change the files. Here you have to be careful and be 100% sure that you want to enable this option.

After you have selected the way to share the folder you click ‘Apply’ and ‘Ok’. Now you can see there is a hand under the folder ‘Music’ which means this folders is now shared.

Stop sharing the folder
If you want to stop sharing this folder you simply repeat the steps above and in the last step you remove the √ in the check boxes and you click ‘Apply’ and ‘Ok’.