Do your own Garden Design including planting, and hard landscaping

Most garden design plans are made for small areas. About 75% of British gardens are less than 125 square metres.

Many small landscaped areas described in magazines and books could be described as works of art, but when we look back at our own gardens we may well see something entirely different.

There may be rubbish bins, bicycles, washing lines etc, and all these have to be taken into account when starting on your master plan.

My aim is to take you through your garden design from start to finish with a five step plan, and to combine good looks with practicality.

Do your own Garden Design including planting, and hard landscaping

Five Step Garden Design

With a little planning and a bit of research, you can have a garden of which you can be justifiably proud.

1) The first step is to work on a Garden Plan, this will cover for e.g. Your budget, how much maintenance you are able to provide, Gardens for the disabled, Play areas for children and pets.

2) Follow on with Garden Type. Do you want a family garden, a cottage garden? Is your garden in the shade.
Do you want to attract wildlife to your garden,(and NO, I don’t mean the neighbours kids next door).

3) Hard landscaping covers laying paths, putting up fences, buildings, patio’s etc. This is where you will start to see your garden come to life,(albeit in black and white), and your garden design take shape.

4) Now comes the colourful part, adding Plants and Lawns, bring colour to your project, breathing life into that black / brown landscape.

5) Last but not least Garden Accessories are the icing on the cake. Have fun choosing Plant containers, Garden furniture, Garden lights, fish for the pond etc.

This may sound a bit daunting at first and like a lot of work, but Rome wasn’t built in day, and there is no reason why you should try and do this in a weekend.

Take your time, do it right, do it once, and enjoy the experience of building your dream garden.