Does God approve of genuine Christian-Dating-Services?

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Yes, God approves of them. He endorses genuine Christian-Dating-Services organizations that help Christians find suitable life partners. There are lots of fake Christian dating services out there, though.

God says that His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge – Hosea 4:6). He doesn’t desire your getting destroyed. So, He wants you to know a couple of things about genuine Christian Dating Services and fake ones.

Of course, no loving father would want his child to be involved in a romantic relationship that would bring misery to that child.

God our Father has a suitable marriage partner for you. And at His appointed time He will join you to that partner. My prayer stands with you concerning this, and it will come to pass in your life in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let’s talk about the categories of dating services that are commonly found on the Internet.

  1. Dating services that are openly not Christian ones
  2. Fake Christian-dating-services
  3. Genuine Christian-dating-services

Dating Services That Are Openly Not Christian Ones

These dating services operations cater for everybody irrespective of whether the person is a Christian or not.

Some of them carry out matchmaking services for homosexuals and lesbians.

Don’t bother much about this category of dating services organizations. You can spot them from afar. What they do is plain for you to see. God doesn’t want you to go near them. This category is for the people of the world… for unbelievers and sexual perverts.

Fake Christian Dating Services

These are the dangerous ones. While their master (Satan) masquerades as an angel of light, they (his servants) masquerade as servants of righteousness.

This is how these fake Christian-Dating-Services organizations operate…

Many of them give Christian names to their outfits in order to deceive innocent people. When you see the word “Christian” attached to their names, you would believe that they are genuine Christian organizations and register with them.

As His child, God doesn’t want you to register with such wicked dating services organizations or even approve of them. Don’t recommend them to anyone.

They are more dangerous than dating services that openly say who they are and what they do.

Does God approve of genuine Christian Dating Services?


Fake Christian-Dating-Services are as dangerous as fierce wolves in sheep clothing.

Remember that it is your future happiness and your life that is at stake. Your prayer is that your romantic relationship would lead to a marriage and a successful one for that matter.

Fake Christian- dating-services would expose you to all kinds of people from all kinds of religions. They could throw you open to homosexuals, lesbians and other sexual perverts including other people who have unchristian characters. And you might find yourself being trapped into starting a relationship that might ruin your life. Bad company corrupts good character. Keep away from the bad and choose the good.

God loves you so dearly and doesn’t want you to enter into a relationship He doesn’t approve of and which would be harmful to you.

He doesn’t want to find you in a marriage that would bring you sorrow. He doesn’t want you to be involved in a marriage that would end up in a divorce.

What He wants is for you to have an enjoyable married life.

Because of how precious you are to Him, He wants you to stay away completely from fake Christian-dating-services.