Does Your Vehicle Have Dragging Brakes?

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Dragging Brakes is caused by a pad or shoe contacting the rotor or drum after the brakes are released. Not only will this wear out the brake components prematurely, your gas mileage will suffer as a result.

Caused by: Calipers or wheel cylinder pistons are sticking. This could be due to worn piston seals, corroded piston or piston bore.

Solution: Replace caliper or wheel cylinder as necessary.

Caused by: Caliper not sliding properly (on sliding caliper type).

Solution: Inspect and lubricate sliding mechanism, replace caliper if damaged.

Caused by: Improper installation of parking brake mechanism or cables.

Solution: Check for proper fitment and adjustment of parking brake components.

Caused by: Drum adjuster improperly installed.

Solution: Check adjuster for proper installation and operation.

Caused by: Broken drum retracting springs.

Solution: Replace springs.

Does Your Vehicle Have Dragging Brakes?