Does Your Vehicle Have Pulsating Brakes?

Pulsating Brakes is usually caused by pad or shoe material that has transferred to the rotor or drum causing a uneven surface (and causing the metal to harden in certain spots). This is commonly known as a warped rotor. Find the solution to this problem and others below:

Caused by: Brake friction material transferred to brake rotor causing thickness variation.

Solution: Replace brake rotor with new one or turn existing rotors. (problem is more likely return down the road if rotors are turned)

Caused by: Brake rotor or drums out of round.

Solution: Have rotor/drums replaced or turned.

Caused by: Damaged rotor or drum.

Solution: Inspect and replace as necessary.

Caused by: Wheel bearing loose.

Solution: Adjust or replace wheel bearings if necessary.

Caused by: Caliper not sliding properly (on sliding types).

Solution: Inspect and lubricate sliding mechanism, replace caliper if damaged.

Does Your Vehicle Have Pulsating Brakes?