Does Your Vehicle Have Squeaking Brakes?

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Squeaking brakes is usually defined as a high frequency vibration between two metal parts rubbing together. If the brake pads are worn to the point of needing replacement, the metal indication tab could be contacting the rotor, causing the brakes to squeak. Here are causes and solutions to squeaky brakes:

Caused by: Metal indicator on brake pads contacting rotor. This noise usually starts occurring when the brakes are not applied.

Solution: Replace brake pads as soon as possible and inspect rotor for possible damage from indicator.

Caused by: Lack of brake grease/lube on pad, shims, caliper and/or mounting bracket.

Solution: Add grease on all metal to metal contact points.

Caused by: New brake pads are not fully bedded in (or were not bedded in correctly).

Solution: Follow manufacturer’s instructions for proper bedding in procedure.

Caused by: Glazed friction surface on brake pad and/or rotor.

Solution: Deglaze brake pad by sanding it with 80 grit sandpaper on a flat surface. Remove glaze on rotor by sanding it with 120 grit paper and a cross hatch pattern.

Caused by: Pad shims incorrectly installed or missing.

Solution: Reinstall shims or replace if necessary.

Caused by: Missing or damaged caliper anti-rattle clips or springs.

Solution: Inspect caliper for missing clips or springs and replace if necessary.