Dog Breeders: Take out the Guess Work

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An excellent way to find the perfect puppy is to use dog breeders. Breeders are people that make a living selling and breeding dogs. You will have a much better chance of getting the exact dog that is right for you and your situation by taking this route. Dog breeders are professionals. They know everything there is to know about the specific breed they deal with. Once you have found the breed you want, contact your local kennel club, or breeders club and inquire about the best option.

As with any business dealings, recommendations from other people in the know are priceless. Find out about their experience, their motivation for raising and selling dogs and their past successes.

Farm Dogs

Experience isn’t everything though; I have had great success buying puppies from breeders that have only dealt with one or two litters. They aren’t necessarily professionals but are able to produce healthy, well cared for puppies simply by knowing the process.

I call the dogs these breeders produce, farm dogs. They’re not from a person making a living selling dogs, but doing it as a hobby they enjoy. They may only deal with two litters in their breeding career, but they can produce quality papered pups. These dog breeders may not be known by the kennel clubs and breeders clubs, you may find them in your local paper. Be careful though; make sure to ask whether they are the breeders or if they acquired the puppies from a third party. If they aren’t the breeders, you may be dealing with a puppy mill situation.

Whether you get your puppy from a professional breeder or from a hobby breeder, you will most likely have a much better experience than if you went through a pet store or the Internet.

Dog Breeders: Take out the Guess Work

The professional breeder has a vested interest in the puppies they produce. After all this is their business and like any business, word of mouth is their greatest commodity. If you are happy with the buying process, and received a healthy puppy that is just right for you, you’ll pass the word.

If your looking for a puppy you want to raise from puppy-hood, the breeder choice is probably best. However, if you’re looking to buy an adult dog, you won’t have much luck with breeders. Breeders normally only sell puppies. You’d have better luck looking into adopting a dog from a dog shelter.

The Breeder Advantage

Dog breeders bring many advantages over other methods of acquiring quality puppies. The following are points to consider:

  • Breeder has a vested interest in the dogs
  • Breeders can answer any questions you have
  • Breeders know the best diet and routine for the puppies
  • Breeders provide papers and pedigree information
  • Dogs are vaccinated and registered
  • Breeders welcome frequent visits to the litter
  • Breeders have extensive knowledge of the breed

One thing to be careful of with breeders however, is getting a high strung dog. If you’re obtaining a dog from a breeder that breeds champion field trial dogs for instance, you may be making a mistake. In dog competitions the more energy a dog has the better. If the breeder has a champion field trial dog, chances are they’re high energy. They’ll breed the champion dog with another high-strung champion dog and produce more high-energy dogs. High energy dogs aren’t necessarily bad, but you may have difficulty training a dog of such caliber.

Meet the Parents

The nice thing about dog breeders is you can usually meet the parents of the puppies. Or if you can’t meet them the breeder will have a lot of insight into their dispositions. A high-strung parent will most likely produce a high-strung litter.

A perfect example of this is a situation that happened to me while shopping for a new labrador puppy. I visited a litter of what I would call a farm dog litter. The mother came running up to me immediately with all the little black furballs in her wake. She was carrying a tennis ball. She would drop the ball at my feet and watch in anticipation of me throwing the ball for her. This dog was ball crazy to say the least. Well guess what…my brother and I each bought one of these pups and they are both absolutely crazy for the ball, almost to the point of annoyance. The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The point is you can visit the litter and watch the parents of the puppies and know how your puppy will turn out in both size and mannerisms. This is a huge advantage to finding your puppy through dog breeders.