“Dog Breeders” They Really Know What They Are Doing!

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Most dog breeders know what they are doing. There are many reasons to leave it to the professional. When breeding Chihuahuas you have two varieties-long coat and smooth coat. Chihuahua breeders know that there are 78 pairs of chromosomes each containing DNA cells to develop certain genes. In each pair there are 2 sets of genes: one from the sire (male) and one from the dame (female). Breeding is very difficult to understand. You don’t just throw 2 dogs together and wish.

Dog Breeders They Really Know What They Are Doing!

<-Reasons Why Not To Breed-

  • A litter is very expensive.
  • Stud Fee
  • Prenatal Care
  • Complications
  • Cesarean Section
  • Vaccinations
  • Puppy Food
  • Vitamins
  • Time and Energy
  • Finding responsible buyers is difficult.
  • Small dogs have a difficult time delivering.
  • Breeders have spent years on researching genetics.
  • More pure breeds than good homes.
  • A female Chihuahua under 3 pounds is physically too little to breed.

-If You Must Breed

If you want to breed your Chihuahua keep in mind that it’s going to take a big sacrifice on your part. For your female find a stud owner who is honest. You will want one that is dependable,and experienced. They should have earned titles with records and photos. Try to make sure that your female is compatible with their male. You owe it to yourself and your Chihuahua.

A Pedigree dog is more than just a list of names. Their history of breeding will determine the look of your puppies.

Watch out for:

  • Inbreeding
  • Linebreeding
  • Breed Quality
  • Genetics
  • Health and Heredity

The best chance of conception is to repeat the breeding every other day until the female will no longer want the male around her. Please keep her away from other male dogs.

-Neuter and Spaying

The advantages of neutering male dogs- they are less territorial and aggressive. Prevents roaming for females in heat and decreases urogenital diseases.

The advantages of spaying female dogs- there’s no messy heats, no male dogs howling or waiting outside, decreased disease of uterus and breast cancer, no unwanted puppies.

-Final Thought!-

A quality litter requires hard work and a lot of deep planning. A litter is very expensive. Stud fees, females cycle, prenatal care, vitamins, puppy food, series of vaccines, complications, maybe a c-section, time and energy. Why go through all this?

There are many breeders that have years of experience. Many times after you sell your puppy the owner returns it for numerous of reasons. Too costly, not the right color, barks, bites, not house broken, sick, or they just did not realize the high responsibility involved. Then you have more puppies than you ever wanted.

I surely do not want to see more homeless puppies or puppy mills. Please take a look at this site and help any way you can. Chihuahua Rescue
Adopt a dog from an animal or rescue shelter. These animals need a good home for many reasons.