Dog Food

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Strolling down the dog food isle of your favourite pet food store, or your veterinarian’s office is very confusing. You see row after row of different brands and types of food, for nutrition and health. Pet food is now a multi billion dollar industry. How do you find the best dog food for your dog?

There are several things to consider. Dogs have nutritional needs at several stages in their lives. Different formula’s for young, middle aged, old, over weight, and even mental conditions. High protein for active dogs and less protein for the senior dogs health.

Which food is best?

Dry food-is the least expensive and not full of flavour.

Dog Food

Canned food-is the tastiest and the most expensive.

Semi moist food-is often filled with preservatives and food colouring, and does not help with tarter build-up on teeth. These seem to make our dogs drink more water.

Once you decide on dry food, canned food, semi moist food or a mixture of both. Read the label for ingredients. You will see:

Protein- for bone growth and tissue healing.

Polyunsaturated fats- keeps the skin toned and the coat shiny.

Carbohydrates- provides energy.

Vitamin A- is for skin, coat, growth and eyes.

Vitamin B- also skin, eyes, coat, and nervous system.

Vitamin C- is for blood and healing tissues.

Vitamin D- is a great source of calcium.

Zinc- is needed to help heal ailments and wounds.

Calcium /Phosphorus- is needed for strong teeth, bone growth, and nervous system.

Magnesium- is for the nervous system and may help prevent seizures. It also helps the absorption of vitamins.

Iron/B12- carries oxygen through the blood.

These vitamins and minerals are for good health. Over using can harm your pet. Any questions you should consult your veterinarian.

Never try to compromise on your dogs food. Choose high quality ingredients. Some foods have animal by-products to enhance the amount of protein. Those proteins are useless, our dogs can not digest them.

Puppies really need quality ingredients for their bones, coat, skin, and other mental and physical developments, for proper nutrients. It is very important not to skimp on the portions you feed your dog, less food will not keep your dog small. That is a form of starvation. It is just wise to check the ingredients not the price.

Always make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water.