“Dog Grooming”- You Can Have A Show Dog Too!

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When dog grooming make sure you have the correct supplies. A well groomed dog is so pretty and healthy looking. Dog grooming is like a good massage for them. While you brush, feel, and look them over it feels so good to them. It’s a great way to bond and enjoy a fantastic smelling pet.

Before grooming brush your Chihuahua or Papillon dog and look for fleas, ticks, skin abrasions, skin rash, lumps, parasites and bruises. My Chihuahau and Papillons love to get a bath. It is a very relaxing for them. They don’t even realize I am grooming them for a bath. I bathe my dogs every 2 weeks. That might seem like a lot, but they are out in the Florida sun and sand. Other breed of dogs that do not shed will need to be clipped; after they are wash and dried. You can do that at home or go to a groomer.

Important dog grooming supplies are-a comb or brush, shampoo-medicated if there is a skin problem, cotton balls and swabs, nail clippers, tooth brush, tooth scaler, mat splitter, blow dryer, and towels. Now it’s time to find the right shampoo and conditioner to use. An important step when grooming your dog is to get the correct shampoo and conditioner for your dogs skin and hair.

 Dog Grooming  You Can Have A Show Dog Too!

If you just follow the well guided instruction you can groom your dog at home.

It has never been easier to groom your pet…..and get great results! This kit contains clippers, adjustable titanium blade, 6 comb attachments, styling brush and comb, grooming comb, shears, DVD, lubricating oil, cleaning brush, and a carrying case.

6 Easy Steps To Grooming Your “Papillon Or Chihuahua”

1. Brushing And Combing- Hold your dog steady by their chest. Brush right rear leg, left rear leg, back and sides, tail, right front leg, left front leg, neck, head, and ears. Lift dogs front feet off the table to brush their chest. Repeat same procedure with a comb. If you find a mat STOP. Try to pull the mat apart with your fingers. Some times you might have to cut the mat out.

2. Clippers And Scissors- Use electric clippers to trim between the foot pads using same order as above. Hold the tail up to trim the hair around the anus. Lift the front legs up to trim the hair on the penis (if a male dog), working from back to front. Use scissors to outline the foot as they stand on it. You are trying to achieve a hare foot look. Which is round in the back and the toes are an oval shape. Don’t let the nails show through.

3. Ears- Put a small amount of powder in the ear. This will help you grasp with your fingers and pull the little hairs out of their ear canal. There might not be any. Pull only a few at a time. If you notice an odor or a red color, have your Vet check it out.

4. Nails- Lift the foot up you are working on, make sure to bend the ankle or wrist. Clip off just the part that hooks. If your cut more you could cause the nail to bleed. If it does bleed apply a septic pencil or an ice cube to stop the bleeding. If you are not comfortable to try this you can always have the Vet do it.

5. Teeth- Use gauze wrapped around your finger, a finger toothbrush, or a baby toothbrush. Open your dogs mouth and brush the back on both sides moving towards the front. There are flavored toothpastes you can use. Never use people toothpaste; it foams too much and dogs cant spit.

6. Bathing- Plug your dogs ears with cotton to prevent water from going in. Protect their eyes with an eye protectant made for bathing, so the shampoo will not sting their eyes. I use baby shampoo. Place a mat in the sink so they will not slip and get injured. Test the water on your wrist for too cold or too hot. Make sure the sprayer is not too hard and hurts their skin.

Wet your dog down in the order as for brushing. Stand your dog on it’s hind legs to wet down the chest, stomach, tail and genital areas. Squeeze shampoo in your hands and start working it in to the skin and coat. Be careful as to not get soap in their eyes. Wash as you would long hair. No circling motions as this will make tangles and snarls. Rinse throughly; no soap residue should be left in the hair. This could cause dry and itchy skin. Pat dry no rubbing. Let them run around for 5 to 10 minutes to air dry. Once dried you can brush and enjoy your nice smelling Papillon or Chihuahua.