Dog Shelters: Adopt a Friend for Life

Adopting from dog shelters may be a good route for finding a lifelong friend and saving a dog’s life in the process. There are many advantages to adopting from a dog shelter.

    • The dogs will already have some training
    • The dogs are full grown, you know what your getting
    • Health issues will be apparent
    • You will be saving a life
    • You won’t have to deal with puppyhood
    • Vaccinations and even neutering will be done
    • You will save money

All these reasons are advantageous, but it is rare to find any puppies at dog shelters. If you want a companion that you raise from puppyhood, your best bet will be from a breeder.

Many people’s first experience with dog ownership is starting from the puppy stages. However, these same people that insisted on a puppy will readily get their next dog from a dog shelter. Puppy-hood can be trying for most people. It takes time and extreme patience. Skipping the puppy stages can be an attractive alternative. As long as you know what you’re looking for in a dog, adopting from a dog shelter is a wonderful choice.

There is a misconception that adult dogs will not bond as readily with their owners as a puppy. As long as the dog is comfortable and well socialized with people, there won’t be a problem. Dogs are pack animals and want to be led by a strong alpha pack leader. If you convince the dog of your alpha status through training, he will readily bond with you.

Dog Shelters: Adopt a Friend for Life

There are some disadvantages to shelter adoptions but they are few.

• Few puppies to choose from

• Some untrainable or scary dogs

• May not know the dog’s history

By following some basic testing techniques, you can avoid ending up with a dog you don’t want; one of those untrainable, or scary dogs.

You can use the same puppy testing techniques covered earlier. Pay close attention to the dog’s willingness to retrieve for you. Retrieving readily is a good indicator that the shelter dog is eager to please you.

If the dog passes the tests then the dog’s history really doesn’t matter because you know you’re getting a well adjusted, trainable companion.

Shelters aren’t the place to find puppies but they are a great place to find adult dogs. There are many advantages to taking home a shelter dog and there’s no reason you won’t find a perfect pet for you.