Dog’s nutrition during the first months

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Good, quality puppy food is essential for your puppy’s growth and future health. The first 6-8 weeks the puppies should stay with their mother. The mother’s milk will give the young ones a very healthy start.

The first 2 months

When the puppies are 3-4 weeks old they should start to eat a little bit of solid food. Only small amounts are necessary and you can add a little bit of water so the puppies are able to digest the food better. It’s highly recommended to use a premium brand puppy food from the start so your puppy gets all the right nutrition it needs.

By feeding them some solid food before they leave their mother they will get used a lot faster to the sudden change after bringing them to your home.

Feed the puppies 3-4 times per day. When they are about 2 months old you should switch to 2 times per day.

Month 3-6 to completing the first year

When your puppy is about 3-6 months old she will start teething and might have a difficult time eating only dry food. Make sure she gets all the nutrition she needs and if necessary you can add some water to the dry food to make it easier for her.

Dogs nutrition during the first months

In the first year of the puppy’s life you will still have to keep feeding her the special puppy food. It’s full with the nutrition the puppies need throughout their whole first year.

Whenever you change the brand or type of food you should change it slowly over a few days. Start mixing the 2 brands and slowly add more and more of the new type of food. This will make sure your puppy keeps eating every day. And it will make the transition easier on her stomach.

Your dog should always have access to fresh drinking water.

If your puppy is not eating well and you suspect something is not right of course you should always consult the veterinarian to make sure you are giving your dog the right puppy food.